Sunday, January 17, 2016

Musing: Tadasana

Dearest tadasana. You sneaky, sneaky posture.
The all the dorsal muscles in my shoulders ache. The lats ache. The hamstrings ache.The psoas have curled up into a little ball in protest.

Lots of things to note but in terms of my posture my tadasana is being picked apart (esp yesterday). Doerthe often in class, John on Friday, and Lisa Walford today have all given me the same adjustment- drawing the tops of my shoulders back and down. I think I'm getting them where they need to be but apparently they can go further.

Then my thighs are drastically drawing forward - Marla would adjust them back in line with my ankles and my pelvis/tailbone will drastically anteriorly tilt and pretty much bring my torso with it.  Drawing my tailbone in towards the front body is definitely a chore that feels like a losing battle with getting my femur heads over my knees over my ankles.  

Carolyn said that she was trying to work with me on all of this ages ago.
Did I hear her then? Nope.

Feel much more inept than adept.

Seriously questioning my 5-yo self's decision to quit pre-ballet.

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