Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Iyengar Level 2-3 : 2015.10.13

--> lift chest, open back of the knees to the floor

 bharadvajasana I
--> great for lateral twisting of the spine; lift up from base of spine and rotate in pelvis, keep shoulders even chin in line with spine, use block at the base of the sacrum to help pull torso around


marichyasana III
--> w/o wall, block at sacrum to assist rotation of the torso; reach arm diagonally across and down  body, rotating opposite side to outside thigh, pull calf away from hamstring to create more space in hip and increase rotation in the side body


ardha matsyendrasana I
 --> key is to sit on heel, makes the posture a bit of a balance pose, bring extended leg in as close to the body as possible, creating a "tadasana" leg to press into the floor; turn trunk 90 degrees, bring arm pit over the knee, back hand continues to use block to aid in torso lift and rotation, (in LOY the hands are bound first) move top of first hand to under knee opening up wrist, again, pull calf away from hamsting.

adho mukha svansana
--> heels press down and back, edges parallel, open backs of thighs and draw up on shins

ardha uttansana
--> concave spine, drawing shoulders down and into the back


virabhandrasana I :||
--> step back from tadasana, classic foot heel/arch alignment; rotate and even hips, extend up through spine; forward fold over bent leg to extend spine, slowly raise up keeping length in the spine.

parsvottonasana --> parvritta trikonasana
--> step back from tadasana, strong rotation of back foot, both legs straight; press through back heel and around to outside of back foot, keeping extension of the hamstrings, draw back hip around to front and even hips, both hands to ground, move to parvritta trikonasana, adjusting hips as necessary.

salamba sirsasana

nirambla sirsasana (prep)
--> start with arms for sirsasana II, legs for wide ams, extend up through crown of the head drawing shoulders down back, hands to ropes, then lifting up through finger tips, one hand down at a time.

urdhva muhka svasana :|| 3
--> 2 times on balls of feet, 1 time on top of feet

ustrasana :|| 3
--> narrow feet as move through progression, lift chest to ceiling draw shoulders down the back, opening collar bones.

sarvangasana to setu bhandasana with wall
--> new coordination to work on, drop overs and back to shoulder stand. hop down wall, key is not to settle into the bottom of the movement. not so bad at finding my position in space just the engagement/coordination in the front body.

chair supported halasana to karnapindasana
--> knees either side of ears, bend knees to drop towards floor.

--> with tip of cone rolled blanket under tailbone to broaden and settle sacrum from back bending.

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