Monday, October 5, 2015

VK 003 : practice plan 2015.10.05

Tadasana Sequence
Marichyasana sub-routine
Ardha-Padmasana sub-routine
Janu-sirasana sub-routine
Parsvakonasana sub-routine
Virabhadrasana sequence
Headstand 5min
Shoulder stand 3min
Paschimottanasana 5 min
Maha Mudra 5/5 min
One leg standing asana 5/5

Kaphalabhati 108
Nadi sodhana - 72 at  4:16:8:4

Iyengar Invocation 

Yes. I'm not mixing it up too much as yet. Still working on bringing the posture/breath sequences into my body. So I'm not necessarily second guessing myself through the postures/breath. Once I have these sequences, I'll add another, and another...etc... Seems to be the best way to learn the postures.

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  1. Hm.....maybe I'll start working on the trikonasana subroutine...will call an audible while practicing. See how things go....